I think I have a new fiber obsession: batts.



The above yarn, spun from one of Amy Boogie’s Monkey Farts batts, is my current favorite handspun.  Just need to come up with a project worthy of it…

I spent a little while being responsible (i.e. working on a long-term spinning project that I’ll post about later) when I finished that yarn, and then I gave in and started spinning the other Amy batt I had next to my wheel:

green banana

green banana

This is Green Banana, and has llama instead of silk noils.  Yum.  It’s not drafting itself as much as the Monkey Farts batt did, but it’s still really nice.

And next in the queue, after I finish the bobbin of Responsible Spinning, is this pile of wool from Handspun by Stefania:


You may recognize the fiber in the front, which I bought at MDSW this year.  Well, I couldn’t figure out what to do with it, except that I wanted to combine it so I could have a 6oz project instead of 2 3oz projects, and then Anj suggested blending them.  So I did.  :)

(I’m also still spinning that red Abby Batt, but it’s slower going because it’s on a spindle.  And I got sidetracked for a bit by that targhee.)