I had enough downtime (and enough let’s-hang-out-and-chat time) over the weekend, both in airports and in Bloomington, that I accomplished rather a lot.  I’m so glad I’ve found ways to make fidgeting into beautiful things.

This is a Swallowtail Shawl, for which I’m using my handspun corriedale/silk.

swallowtail, Saturday morning


The sparkle doesn’t quite show up in these pictures, but this is a wonderful project to work on in the sun–I found myself leaning forward so that my knitting was in the sun while I was sitting on a shady bench.  I’m glad the main pattern is so simple–having it memorized made it much easier to knit on the shuttle and in various parks.

And this is my weekend’s (even more) mindless knitting: another headband, knit out of the yarn left from the first one.

aurora headband #2

It’s sort of shocking how fast I can knit through each repeat with such narrow rows.

I might’ve finished the headband by now, but I spent a fair amount of time spinning:


I bought a couple of Abby‘s batts from Amy a while ago, and had been waiting until I cleared off one of my spindles to start them.  I started this in the airport on the way out, and spun all over the place (nearly any place where I spent more than a few minutes awake, except the train platforms, saw at least a bit of spinning).  A couple of people seemed to think I was weaving, a few people were simply fascinated and wanted to know what on earth I was doing, and a few people recognized spinning as such.  (Mostly, those latter were people who knew other spinners and had maybe attempted to learn, themselves.)  Mmm, Abby batts.

The fibery (and flowery, as in the last post) bits were by no means the only good bits of my weekend, but good they definitely were.