(Okay, so these are pre-Bloomington. Still, clouds are scenic.)





Near the hotel where I stayed, there’s a median strip area that’s been turned into a water-purifying park that’s planted with native species.  It’s probably the prettiest median I’ve ever seen, and I loved having a park that close to the hotel, since I didn’t have a car.  There were other parks with nice benches convenient to the farmers’ market, where I ate brunch on Saturday and spun and knit in the sun.  I’d say Bloomington seemed like a more bikeable city than a walkable one, but it was pretty walkable, nonetheless.)

quite the decoration

I got a kick out of the school loyalty implied here.

Sunday morning

This is from Sunday morning, while I was sitting in the park by the hotels, waiting to carpool farther than I felt like walking.

I did a bunch of knitting and spinning, both in Bloomington and in transit; I’ll post about that tomorrow.