So, my nose is back to the grindstone during the day, but I’ve been sufficiently absorbed in fibery stuffs lately that I’ve spent the last couple of evenings spinning and dyeing instead of cooking (and doing only minimal cleaning).

It started with dye day on Saturday, at which I produced these:

green over oatmeal orange/purple sw for overdyeing

superwash merino white wool blend

(Oatmeal-colored wool overdyed with green, superwash merino for overdyeing red, superwash merino for possible overdyeing green, and wool blend dyed just because)

Plus some silver-and-jewel-tones merino/bamboo yarn.

Then, I came home and finished this:

flowering weeds

flowering weeds

flowering weeds

That’s the 3 ounces of Flowering Weeds merino/mohair from the June shipment of Amy Boogie’s fiber club. I got about 150 yards, if I recall correctly. I split the top lengthwise and spun each in one chunk, with the goal of getting a graded-color yarn that would be suitable for a Fake Isle hat or something similar. I’m not convinced that this yarn is a good color for a hat for me, even with a solid main color, so it’s still projectless, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out. (Could’ve been more even, could’ve been fluffier, still pretty nice.)

I’ve also been dyeing and spinning toward another secret project. (I know! I claim to have a knitting blog, and I keep committing to new knitting projects that I can’t show. Bad me. I should really step away from the wheel long enough to finish the swap socks so I can show them.) This amount of spinning is getting silly–I haven’t developed Steph’s spinner’s limp, probably in part because I’ve got a double-treadle wheel (I’d hate to not be able to use either leg!), but there’re muscles in my knees that’ve been twitching as I sit at not-my-wheel.

I really ought to take that as a sign that I should use my next two evenings for cooking and knitting rather than spinning.