The immediate deadline, the one that had me cancelling on nearly everything (dancing, housewarming, knitting, cooking, cleaning…) for the last couple of weeks, is past.  Good news: I may actually graduate next summer.  Associated news: I will probably stay really busy for the entire time.  This weekend, though, I took Thursday and Friday evenings for spinning.


Left: the rest of the fustic/madder/cochineal-dyed BFL I bought from Handspun by Stefania for something to spindle-spin at MDSW.  Right: a bit of the wool I bought from her last year, chain-plied so I could clear off the bobbin for this:



~75 yards of worsted weight, super squishy rambouillet.  I’d never spun rambouillet before, and only finally picked this up (out of my closet) for the (Ravelry) Spinner Central July SAL.  I think I like this stuff.  (The red is definitely harsher than the grey, but the plied yarn is still pretty nice.)

I might’ve spun more of the 8oz of that that I had, and I’m sure I’ll do so eventually, but I wanted (again) to clear off that bobbin.  I finally caved and joined Amy Boogie’s fiber club.

Here’s Mel with the June fiber (Flowering Weeds, 70/30 merino/mohair).


And here’s half of the fiber (stripped in half lengthwise), in daylight.


It’s a really enjoyable spin so far.

(No, still no more knitting I can show.  Only half a cuff left on the swap socks, though.  Soon!  (Soon I will be done with the knitting for the swap, the knitting for the swa-a-a-ap, the knitting for the swap…))  Still, I’ve got more fibery stuff up here, after a mere month.  (Hence the title.  It was sooo nice to spend most of an evening spinning.  And to have something to show.)