I’ve still been putting all of my knitting time into my swap socks, but I’ve been spinning a bit in the background, and it’s not secret.


This is a two-ply of leftovers: some natural white cormo from MDSW 2006, and some variegated-blue merino from Boogie, each spun mostly as comfort spinning and then plied together.


It was wonderfully soft and sproingy, if a tad uneven, but I don’t really like strongly and consistently barberpoling yarns.  So I decided to play with overdyeing.

Mel is intrigued:

oooh, yarn


This picture’s a little washed out, but it’s ~210 yards of the two-ply and ~25 yards of leftover cormo, plied back on itself and thrown into the same dyebath.

For more accurate color:

It’s not at all what I’d expected, since turquoise+yellow usually produces a strong, pure green, but I think I might like it.  Not for me to wear, but I can always overdye it again if it sits around too long unpurposed.