1. My first task yesterday was installing my air conditioners, before the over-100º heat indices forecast for yesterday and today (and Monday and Tuesday). Then, since my spinning wheel is directly in front of the one in the living room, I spent much of the afternoon spinning.



This is what I had left (I really hope it’s all of it) of the pea-green merino-silk I bought at NEFA a couple of years ago. It’s 34g, about 84 yards, and has an average WPI of ~14. This skein was my first real experiment with spinning from the fold, which is part of why it’s as thick as it is. That was a fun technique to try, and it definitely worked better for this fiber, since it had been hard to draft normally, but I’m not really sure I get how to attach new bits. For those of you who often spin from the fold: how much fiber do you leave unspun when you’re adding the next bit? Any general tips or suggestions?

2. I like clematis. This one’s a few blocks from my house in the opposite direction from work.


3. I’ve spent the last several months, on and off, looking for my bottom-whorl spindle and the fiber I remembered leaving in the same bag. I sorted through my entire fiber-and-guest-linen closet several times, and had just about given up. Then, this afternoon, I found it. In the bin of fiber next to my spinning wheel. *sigh* This is why I need to log the rest of my fiber in the ‘stash’ section of Ravelry, and use the ‘stored in’ box.

4. I’ve got half a foot knit of my Music With Socks In socks. I’m really happy with the way the yarn’s knitting up, plus I’m enjoying this whole “knitting lace socks” thing. (No pics until the end of June, but I wanted to record the progress.)