I. I finished a worsted-ish-weight lace project, so I started another one.  No, it doesn’t look like lace yet, but it will soon–it’s the Wool Peddler’s Shawl from Folk Shawls.


II. It’s starting to really feel like summer, so what did I pull out of hiding?  A blanket.  The green freeform blanket has acquired a few extra segments, and I’m working on another one.


I’m still really enjoying this, but I think the next blanket (reds/golds/browns) is going to be entirely rectangles.  Maintaining a flat piece is hard when I don’t have a flat work surface: I misjudge the real angles between bits of blanket.

III. I carried my camera around all day on Sunday, and the only pictures I took were of the clematis across the street from my house.  I love the vibrancy of the color, though.