I finished the flame/stork’s nest scarf! Only…five months, start to finish–not terrible. I like it, too. (This is also, I believe, the project of mine that’s garnered the most “That’s for me, right?” comments and threats of theft, which doesn’t hurt my opinion of it.)  Really, though, orangey handspun bfl is hard to steer wrong.





Pattern: Stork’s Nest Scarf from Jan/Feb ’08 Piecework (minus one sideways pattern repeat)

Needle: 4mm bamboo circ

Yarn: not quite all of the 5oz of bfl I dyed last summer–I’ve got about a fist-sized ball left, maybe 50 yards?  


I’m looking forward to figuring out what to do with the rest of the yarn.  Alas, I will have to wait until next fall to wear the scarf, but I’ll be ready when the cold weather returns.