I’ve been meaning to finish posting about Maryland Sheep and Wool, if for no other reason than I’d like to maintain the organizational use of my blog, but I’ve been running around like a madwoman.  I mentioned last week that I went to see Eddie Izzard last Monday; well, I also went out to see Philadanco on Friday and to the Barnes Foundation on Saturday afternoon.  Photography wasn’t allowed in either one of those, but it was permitted on the (lovely, lovely) grounds of the Barnes, where I found, among other things, this columbine.


But back to the sheep!  This sheep’s expression of contentment makes me smile.


On Saturday afternoon, I made my first purchase of unwashed fleece:



This is a total of three ounces of llama fiber (plus some extra to make up for the weight of the dirt); the brown is from Bella and the silver is from Moonbeam.  (Alas, I’ve forgotten the name of the farm.)  I’m thinking I’ll blend these together, possibly with the addition of some of the natural-brown BFL I bought (which didn’t seem picture-worthy).

My Sunday morning impulse-buy fiber was two ounces each of three colors of wool from Handspun by Stefania:



These are both corriedale/silk dyed with osage orange and indigo.  I love seeing the range of possibilities like this.  (Actually, I spent a lot of time looking at natural dyes and mordants.  I’m not sure why I got into spinning before dyeing, but I’m getting more and more absorbed.)


This, well, part of the reason I stopped at Stefania’s booth was because I wanted something fun to spin that afternoon.  I did, in fact, start spinning this (BFL dyed with cochineal, fustic, & madder) while at the festival–at the Ravelry meetup, in fact.  This is maybe two thirds of the two ounces I bought.

I might have finished spinning the BFL if I hadn’t gotten sidetracked by this:


Cashmere-tussah, from last summer’s trip to Colorado.  I’d been thinking I needed to spin this on a spindle, and I hadn’t really spun much on spindles until MDSW…  If I had an unlimited supply of this stuff, my spindles would get a lot more exercise.