Maryland Sheep & Wool was excellent. It didn’t go quite as I’d hoped, because nothing’s perfect (perfect wouldn’t’ve included the rain or the mosquito bites, for example), but it was still a great weekend away from Philly and surrounded by yarn and fiber and fiber animals and knitter-types. It was also, however, exhausting, and going out last night to see Eddie Izzard did not help. (Note to self: do not schedule evening activities for the night after a sheep-and-wool. You will be too tired to fully appreciate them.)

Here, then, are a few pictures of animals at the festival, plus a link to an essay about media interactivity and mental surplus. (I don’t remember who posted about it, but it’s definitely worth reading.

Looking for the Mouse

pygora kid



I also have to add that I spent much of the weekend exclaiming about how much I love my new camera.  I still haven’t gotten used to having a point-and-shoot with so many capabilities (it’s actually worth changing the ISO setting!), but learning is going to be fun.