I love odd signs.  Although typos in other circumstances usually bug me, they’re often somehow more funny than irritating when they’re on signs.


I’m working on learning to knit Continental, as of last week.  I can deal with the knit stitch, and I think I’ve figured out Norwegian purling.  I’m still slow (no, really?  after only half an hour of total knitting time?), and my tension is still off, but the one thing that’s really troubling me is exactly how to work a psso.  It’s probably silly, but the project I’m practicing with is the green lace headband, which is full of skp and s1k2togpsso.  Also, I know I’ve heard a bunch of people say that they think Continental knitting is particularly appropriate for left-handed people, but I’m feeling like it involves a lot more right-hand coordination than English knitting.  Ah, well, maybe I’ll stop feeling that way once I get the hang of it.