If I only actually work on two knitting projects, and they’re both simple lace, I can finish a hat in less than two weeks. Just astonishing. [/sarcasm]


When I finished my mom’s green Fetchings, I had an extra skein of the green yarn that I thought would make a nice hat to wear in the chilly microscope room. I wasn’t sure I had quite enough yarn, even for a lacy hat, so I figured I’d pick a top-down pattern…and Foliage came to mind pretty quickly.

As you can see, I did run out of green yarn, so I added a bit of the russet yarn from the Dashings I knit for my dad.

Were I to knit this hat again, I’d probably actually knit the ribbing on smaller needles, as suggested in the pattern, but I think this will work well for my purposes, even if it doesn’t look neat.

Basic specs: Foliage, on 5mm needles, with two colors of my handdyed Elann Peruvian Highland Wool. More details on Ravelry.