First of all, I need to mention that “sneak peaks” are mountains that creep up on you.  Today’s post is a couple of glimpses of things I’ve been working on.  I’d been planning to wait for them to be more photogenic (i.e. plied/at least half-knit) before posting about them, but I’ve been waylaid by orange things.


The angora/Icelandic lamb is all spun.  However, I finished spinning partway through Frogs, so I started spinning some other stuff, and I’m now in the middle of plying that.  (Oy.  I rather like spinning mohair blends, but plying them is a pain.)


And this is the crown of a Foliage for me, since I decided last week that I wanted a lace hat for the microscope room.  That is, to wear while I’m sitting in the microscope room.  (It’s taken this long to knit the crown because (a) it’s a chart that I had to consult and (b) my knitting time has mostly gone into the flame scarf, which is growing.)

(Y’know, there’s a third orange thing that’s been taking attention away from these two projects.  Knitting or spinning while waving a laser pointer around is a bit beyond my abilities.)