Whee!  Since I finished two projects last week, I let myself put the third almost-finished thing on other needles so I could use this one for my ROY BFL handspun.

I love knitting with handspun.  Especially since this is gradually striping…mmm.  I’m enjoying this pattern, too–it’s the Stork’s Nest Scarf from the new Piecework*.  It’s  quite simple, and I’ve got it memorized already,  but I like the rhythm.

(I’ll grant that this is better than having him sit on my arms or walk on the keyboard, but Mel has decided that he’s going to sit between me and my computer, making it awfully difficult for me to see the screen.  I’m glad I can touch–type.)

Okay, okay, I think it’s time to play with the cat.

*If you can find it, it’s worth at least a look–it’s the 2nd annual historical knitting issue, and it’s got an article on and directions for Rovaniemi mittens, which I saw a while ago on Stephanie‘s blog and thought were awesome.