• What is the big deal with 30-minute meals?  It’s a 5-minute meal that’s actually a challenge.  If I’m okay with spending half an hour making dinner, it’s not that hard to wash, chop, & sauté some veggies and make some rice or some rice noodles (or whatever).  (If I’m not, it’s time to break out the frozen veggies, and maybe an egg.)

• The snow this afternoon was lovely, until it turned to rain.  The sidewalks had just better be easily walkable in the morning, if there’s not going to be pretty snow.

Mirah‘s new album, with Spectratone International, is awesome.  Go listen to it, especially if you’re a bio geek.  I especially love “Community”, the song about ants.

• Y’know where I forget to look, when I’m digging through my needle roll and the pile of circs on the bookshelf, trying to find a 4mm bamboo needle?  In my existing projects.  (*eye-roll*)

• I joined the Runagogo group on Ravelry.  I haven’t been following the forum much, but I’ve been tracking my walking (no actual running yet) on weendure.com…and I’m not doing too badly.  I think 40 miles is pretty good for a little under two weeks…