This morning, I read Julia‘s post on JenLa’s Mission:Possible project. I am not feeling committed enough to officially sign up, but I do have a list of goals:

  1. finish Peacock Feather Shawl
  2. finish Salt Peanuts
  3. finish spinning the mohair blend for the Feather and Fan Triangle Shawl
  4. make visible progress on the green freeform blanket
  5. finish merino-mohair socks
  6. finish the dark green felted bag
  7. spin the local shetland from last spring and the icelandic lamb blends from VT S&W
  8. spin a bunch of yarn for a sweater
  9. knit something with the ROY bfl
  10. make at least a decent start on the Mountain Peaks shawl with the zephyr from Colorado

I’m not really interested in punishing myself if my attention wanders and I wind up doing other fibery things, or if I get caught up in such things as work and housework, but I think it’ll be useful to have this list for reference.

And here’s a picture, just because.


This is one of the azaleas in my grandmother’s backyard, shot over the midwinter holidays.