I finished the purple alpaca Lady Hat yesterday, and managed to get a picture of it on Sarah, whom it actually fits. (It goes on my head, but it’s not supposed to fit me.)

I liked the yarn a lot, and it’s made me decide that I want to knit with alpaca more often. Fortunately for me, this hat took only one of the three balls of alpaca that my mom gave me in September, so I’ve got more on hand. I also really liked the pattern, which was wonderfully memorizable without being boring. (Okay, if I tried knitting several more of these, I’d probably get bored, but it was good for semi-mindless knitting. My only problem was remembering to move the yarn forward twice for all those YOs before purls.)


Yarn: Frog Tree Alpaca, sportweight, in a periwinkley purple; just shy of one ball

Needles: bamboo 3.75mm circ, then birch 3.5mm dpns (because the 3.75mm dpns were occupied)

Pattern: Lady from Boogie’s Hat Trifecta

Mods: I added a couple of repeats (both sideways and vertically) to compensate for the difference in gauge. I also decreased more slowly.

Over all, I’m pretty happy with it.