I finally finished this felted bowl. It didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped–the brim/rim curled over instead of fanning out, and it looks a little wonkier than I’d wanted. Still, it’ll work as a bowl, even if it’s not nice enough to be a gift, and it only took me a little more than an afternoon of knitting and maybe half a ball of Manos.

I spent a bunch of time this weekend spinning the blue-green-yellow on grey and the green-and-yellow rovings I dyed over the summer. I also picked up the green blanket for the first time since it got too hot to work on it last summer. And I knit a couple of rows on the purple alpaca Lady Hat.

I’ve been feeling a bit antsy in terms of my knitting over the last week. I’m past the deadlines, I have more than enough time to finish the green Fetchings… I’d kind of like to find a good scarf or shawl pattern (probably lacy) for the ROY BFL that I finished spinning last week, but I also rather like the idea of actually finishing things I’ve already started. (Ravelry is quite the motivator in that respect–I find I want to keep the number of WIPs under 10.) Oh, the decisions.

Also, Michelle posted an excellent, excellent sign.