I finished the one knitted gift I’m giving tomorrow, in time to go off to Christmas Eve dinner at my aunt and uncle’s and happily knit away on a wristwarmer for myself.  (Yes, there’s only half a pair here; the pics of both of them together didn’t come out at all.  And it’s not that stripy looking without the flash.)

These are Dashing, for my dad’s birthday (New Year’s Eve, but I’ve give him his birthday present on Christmas because we’ll be hundreds of miles apart by his birthday).  I knit the larger size, on 4.25mm needles, with Elann’s Peruvian Highland Wool worsted-weight yarn.  I only knit 18 rounds between the last cable and the thumb, though, and 10 rounds after the thumb, because my row gauge was off.  (And I didn’t want them to be opera-glove length.)

Happy Midwinter, everyone, whether you’re celebrating a particular holiday this week or not.

[For those of you who may be confused right now: we do what I like to consider a belated Solstice thing because we like lights in midwinter and because all of my dad’s siblings married Christians, so they do the trees and gifts thing.  I also have real trouble objecting to anything that involves mulled cider and cookies and yule log cakes.]