In addition to spinning some of that BFL over the weekend, I spent Sunday afternoon making cookies and candy. The cookies were…cookies, tasty but not exceptionally pretty, but the candy was really fun to watch.


Super-sugary bubbles! They lasted a really long time.


Broken-open honeycomb candy.


Honeycomb candy that was spread before it started to cool, rather than after.

I got the recipe for honeycomb candy from   We used corn syrup instead of golden syrup; I would probably use maple syrup next time, because I like the flavor, but this stuff has gotten good reviews from my labmates.  (It tastes like cold, toasted marshmallow.)


On the gift front, I decided that the knitting was going to take too much time and cause too much stress, so I’m giving prints of my favorite photos from this year as holiday presents and saving the knitting for birthdays.  I’m just about to the first cable round in the second Dashing.  I should be able to hide for long enough to finish whatever isn’t done by tomorrow night….