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I spent nearly all of the weekend in my apartment. Saturday, I was feeling hermitlike and antisocial, so I alternated bouts of housecleaning and spinning. It was great to take a break from deadline knitting to spin, even if I still haven’t finished the knitting I want to have done by Thursday. This is when I wish I had a teeny portable wheel–my Ordinary Princess Amy’s fine for going across town, but not so great for fitting into a sedan with four people and luggage. So I can’t take her with me when I head south to visit family.

This weekend, though, I spun a bit for the first time in way too long, mostly this bobbin of some bluefaced leicester that I dyed at our big summer dye-day. I think it’s going to be wonderfully orange when it’s plied. (Of course, once I decided to shirk the knitting responsibility to spin, I also avoided the stuff that I really ought to spin by the end of the month. Ah, well. That’s what the 29th & 31st are for.)