rosebushes by calvary

I love backlit leaves.  And I like the way the thorns glow in this, too.  (This was taken a few blocks from my house, last Sunday.)

I’m still sick.  Not horribly sick, as I was on Monday, but sick enough that walking to work feels like a lot of work in and of itself, and I gave up on actually doing work after about twenty minutes yesterday.  I hate this.  I’m getting bored with sleeping so much, but I haven’t been able to do any of the things I want to do instead, from labwork to fiber night to cooking.  I haven’t even been knitting much, just sleeping and reading (rereading, really) and listening to familiar audiobooks.

I’m feeling better-ish today, so maybe I’ll actually manage to do something useful.  (First useful thing to do: stop whining about being sick.)

I hope everyone else has been having a better week than mine.