I dug through my stash, I found two choices of yarn, I swatched with both (three different needle sizes in each swatch!), I expanded and then narrowed my list of pattern choices, I decided which yarn to use….and then, just when I’d decided how many stitches to cast on (I want to knit an in-between size with a different gauge), I discovered that my needle wasn’t where I thought it was.

And I still couldn’t find it this morning.

This is more than usually frustrating because I had finally, finally decided to knit another (actually flattering and wearable!) sweater, and worked out all the details…and because the missing needle is my favorite, an addi natura. And I don’t have any other bamboo 7s.

(The sweater I’m planning is a chocolate-brown version of Salt Peanuts, at 5 st/in. Do tell me if you think that that’s a particularly horrible idea.)

See?  Swatches!  Real swatches!


That needle had better come out of hiding soon.