I’ve finished things! One and a half things, I suppose…and I do still have some ends to weave in. But they look finished, and I’m going to be proud of myself for that. I’m always impressed by how much knitting I can get done on public transit (and airplanes and in airports), and I’d forgotten how quickly the sportweight socks knit up.

So I have a finished sock:


I finished it on Wednesday evening, but had cleverly left the other ball of yarn at home. Thus, my knitting energies for the rest of the trip focussed on Foliage:


I only got as far as the ribbing before I left California, but I still managed to finish it in just under a week.

Pattern: Foliage

Yarn: Colinette Cadenza, in copper beech

Needles: bamboo 4.5mm dpns for the crown and 5mm circ for the body

Mods: I missed the instructions for the between-chart set-up round (what happens when I copy the charts but not the rest of the pattern), so I did the decreases a round late. I also extended the pattern into the ribbing, which you might be able to see if you look closely–instead of starting the ribbing halfway through the alternate-repeat set of leaves, I finished them plain and just started the ribbing between them. I think it came out nicely.

Nicely enough that I wore it for the rest of the evening after taking this picture…  I’m a little concerned that it’ll be longish on my mom, since it fits me, but I think it’ll work out okay.