I’m back.  I have a computer again, and I’m at least semifunctional at work.

I’ve been knitting a bit, continuing to work on the Lady Hat (see Amy Boogie’s for the pattern), and I started a 2×2 ribbed hat for myself after discovering that I could get one on even with my hair in a bun.  Since that’s my standard "I don’t want to do anything even vaguely labor-intensive with my hair" solution, I’m excited to be able to wear a hat over it.  (I’m not entirely sure why, since I barely wore hats at all last winter–opting for really warm scarves instead–but I like hats.)

I wore my Highland Triangle Shawl (which predates this blog) to the funeral on Sunday, and it was a really comforting weight on my lap, both during the service and in the car.  Knitting to the rescue, yet again.