Because I hadn’t flown in over three years, I was a little paranoid about airport security, specifically their potential response to pointy metal 3s.  So I spent a while trying to come up with a reasonably interesting, highly portable project that could be worked on bamboo.  After longer than I’d’ve liked, I remembered that I had one on my to-knit list: a green version of the lace headband I knit last winter.


It’s some green koigu I’ve had for a couple of years, knit into an arrowhead lace pattern.  It’s wider than the red one, ’cause the red one stretched more lengthwise than I’d anticipated, but I’m a little worried that the knot is going to be huge.  Maybe I’ll come up with an alternate closure… 

There wasn’t, after all, any trouble with my knitting needles at the airport (in either direction), but I wound up knitting on this anyway.

The afternoon I arrived in Boulder, Anne had a meeting at her local yarn store.  I decided to tag along to the yarn store, where I spent a lovely hour admiring the spinning fiber and all of the other things that my local stores don’t carry.  (So much space!  So many colors of octopus buttons!  Wheels!  Looms and weaving equipment whose names I don’t know!*)  All things considered, then, I probably got off lightly:


Okay, the spindle was already mine, but the silk latte on it is new.  It was just irresistable.  And I’m not quite as protective of it as I am of the other fiber there, which is cashmere-tussah.  Both cakes of yarn are Zephyr; the red will become Mim’s Mountain Peaks shawl, and the grey/blue will probably end up as one of the scarves from Victorian Lace Today.

*I’m not learning to weave until after I graduate.  I don’t want to
start learning terminology until I’ll allow myself to do something with