When this posts, I will (I hope) be on a plane to Atlanta, where I will await another plane to Denver, on my way to Boulder.  In the spirit of vacation, and since I never posted them here, I present a couple of my favorite pictures from my lab’s two June field trips.


boulder field with tree



That first picture is from our lab canoe trip, shot with a waterproof disposable camera; the rest are from our lab hike in Hickory Run State Park, specifically the boulder field there, and were shot with either my digital camera or my "real" camera. 

The place where we went canoeing, on the Brandywine, was fun, though perhaps on the more challenging side of what I was anticipating, my prior canoe experience having been very mellow.  Still, it was fun, but I never again need to see people wielding a chainsaw from a canoe.  (They kindly turned it off when they saw us approaching.)  And next time, the canoe-steering learning curve should be steeper.

Hiking at Hickory Run was awesome.  The trails could’ve been marked better, but we didn’t have too much of an adventure…  It was wonderful to be in the woods, to pick blueberries, and to see this amazing boulder field.

I expect to be away from the internet until Wednesday evening, by which point I may even have finished some knitting.  I got in a good few inches on the wool/mohair sock on Sunday, but that’s pretty much been it this week. 

See you (or, well, your internet presences) next week!