I bought tomatillos yesterday, intending to make some black bean-tomatillo soup while it was still cool out.  That didn’t happen–it’s hot again today–so I decided to play with some chili-like thing that wasn’t soup.  This is what I came up with.  It’s beef from Winter Harvest (not quite as overcooked as it looks in this picture, but I do have less of an idea of how to cook meat than how to cook tofu or seitan), onion from the farmers’ market a couple of weeks ago, garlic and a red pepper from the co-op, the carrots and the long, skinny red pepper from North Star on Thursday, and a little more than half the quart of tomatillos I got from Urban Girls Produce yesterday morning, along with about a third of the hot pepper that came with them.  None of the spices were local except for the bit of lemon basil I tossed in.

I called my grandmother this morning (not the one to whom I’m giving that scarf–the other one) to wish her a happy birthday, and we talked a bit about her birthday party.  She had a couple of my aunts and uncles over for a pesto-making party, which sounded like it would be awesome.  Some day, when I have someplace to put a garden, I’ll plant lots of basil and have a party like that…