This week: knitting progress, fiber prep, and some food talk.

Knitting-wise, I’ve mostly been working on the hand-dyed, handspun Dulaan scarf in Not My Colors.  I’ve just about finished that skein of random bits that I overdyed, and now I need more semi-coordinating yarn. 

scarf update

Would it be too awful to use Mardi Gras colors with this?  Oh, probably.  Yellowy green, perhaps?  This is the battle between the desire to have this scarf done, soon, with the thought that it should maybe stay pink/purple/blue-y…


I’ve seen a bunch of posts lately that talk about predrafting lots of fiber at once and then having it sit by the wheel, predrafted, until one actually spins it.  So I tried predrafting half of the yellow/green/blue [on white] roving I dyed at dye-day.  (The other longitudinal half will go on the other bobbin and isn’t drafted at all yet.)

pre-drafted wool

It’s all fluffy and pretty, and I definitely see the appeal.  I think it’d work better, though, if I had a catproofable room for my wheel–I usually like to draft only a couple of yards ahead, so I can balance my unspun fiber on top of my wheel when I stop spinning.  This looks like it’d be way too tempting for Mel…so it’s on top of a high bookcase. 


I’ve noticed over the last week or so that I am no longer okay with pectin in my breakfast yogurt.  (The occasional single-serving flavored yogurt is different.)  I’ve been eating Seven Stars lowfat plain (or lowfat maple) for months…  It’s my favorite yogurt, and it’s local, which is extra-great.  And, since I’ve been using my not-really-jelled blueberry jam from a couple of weeks ago as yogurt-topping, the un-stabilized yogurt is easier to stir things into.  That goes for the granola, too.  (This has really only come up because the Seven Stars lowfat plain has been out of stock the last several times I’ve looked for it.)   Seriously, though, pectin belongs in jams so they’ll stay in PBJ sandwiches, but it doesn’t need to be in my yogurt.