I haven’t finished anything (maybe I should’ve focussed on that dratted sock….), but I spent a decent amount of time this weekend on fiberly pursuits.  Here are updated pictures of the knitting.  (Sunny pictures, even!  I’m trying to find a positive side to the icky weather we’re getting this week.)


I am halfway through chart 3 of the Peacock Feathers Shawl.  It’s still lots of fun, but it took me nearly two hours to knit three rows last night. 


This is the mossy-looking cabled scarf that I started in September or October as a mindless-knitting replacement for the autumn sunset shawl.  It’s been hiding in the corner for the last few months, but it grew a bit more yesterday.  I’m liking the ‘cable whenever I feel like it’ pattern; it’s really good for knitting with unpredictable interruptions.