As promised, I finished something over the weekend.  It just wasn’t a fibery object.  And, as it turns out, the deadline got pushed back ’til tomorrow, so I may spiff it up a bit. 

Anyway, this is my FO of the weekend, a coffee-walnut torte adapted from this recipe on epicurious:


(It currently has a coffee glaze dribbled over the top; I think I’m going to do something buttercream-like when I get home.)  It’s not incredibly pretty, but it smells wonderful, and the bit of cake that was stuck to the side of the springform pan was quite tasty.  (But it did inspire me to have tea (green with rose and lavender) this morning instead of coffee, just for a change.  It was interesting to walk to work carrying both the torte and my tea, so I smelled both tea and coffee the whole way.)

I didn’t finish anything fibery this weekend, but I did do some knitting:


This block of sparkly cabled yarn will be incorporated into the green blanket.


This garter-stitch rectangle of kool-aid dyed wool was originally intended as a sideways hat for Dulaan (really, it was intended as concert knitting a couple of weeks ago) but may end up as a scarf for next year’s Dulaan, since I’m not sure I have anything to go with it as a hat, and it should be easier to fudge for a scarf.


The Tess’s yarn sock that I’ve been working on for a couple of months has been stalled for a while, as I’m both bored with 3×3 ribbing and afraid of running out of yarn while away from the rest of my knitting.  I should be able to finish it sometime soon, though.

I also knit a few rows on the Peacock Feather Shawl, but it doesn’t look all that different from last time.  I spent more of my aware-time this weekend either baking (as seen above) or singing–a couple of friends of mine organized a big group of people to get together and sing madrigals and Bach chorales and Other Stuff, and it was incredibly fun.  I hadn’t sung "real" alto parts in a couple of years, so my voice got pretty tired, but it was wonderful all the same.