I’ve been doing a lot of things that preclude knitting (or at least enough and interesting knitting) lately, including eating homemade sorbet and ice cream, helping friends move, dancing, and singing.  What knitting I have done recently has mostly been on my peacock feather shawl, but it’s slow going, especially since I’ve been knitting while socializing, and unblocked lace is not the most photogenic of knitting. 

Still, since I hate blogging without pictures, here is a picture of the shawl.  (It’s not a great picture; I was going to try to take a picture this morning, but it was still overcast.)


I think a lot of why it’s going slowly is that it’s real laceweight, and it doesn’t exactly help that the needles (knitpicks 3s) are almost too sharp.  It’s fun, though, and one of the other reasons it’s going slowly is that I keep stopping to admire it…  Anyway, this is the first two charts plus a row or two of chart 3, and I still really love both the pattern and the yarn.  In fact, I think I’m going to stop typing now so I can knit a bit before bed.