Where I was last night:


That is, I was sitting behind the camera, watching the Rosebuds from the bar, because I am lazy, my knee was bothering me, and my earplugs were losing their effectiveness.  Still, it was a very good show.  The Rosebuds are awesome.  (The first band, the Greyhounds, were okay; the second band, the Bowerbirds, sounded like it was quite good for an opening band but still not extremely exciting.)  The venue, Johnny Brenda’s, was a new one for me; except for the fact that it’s kind of far away, it would be my new favorite–it was clean (including the restroom), lit well enough that one could see that it was clean, there was a good selection of beer, the decor was great, the temperature was adequately regulated….  Next time, I will explore the balcony.  Last night, though, well, part of the reason we sat at the bar so long was so I could drink my beer and my water and still have hands free for knitting.   I started something that I think will become a Dulaan something, but I probably won’t take a picture of it until it’s decided what it wants to be.

And this morning:



Mel likes looking out the window.  I have to agree with him that the best weather is that which is conducive to open windows…at least, when I don’t also want to have a fan pointed at me in a pale echo of an air conditioner.