Although my camera still insisted that the memory card with 43 pictures on it was unformatted, I was able to borrow a card-reader that had no such problem.  Here, then, are a couple of pictures of stuff I’ve finished lately.


This is a garter-stitch scarf on 8s, knit from the alien yarn that I finished spinning a while ago.  I don’t really know how much it took, except that it’s approximately fingering-weight singles and was probably about two or three ounces.  It’s a loose knit, but there’s a pretty good halo.  This is going to be for my dad, for Fathers’ Day, in part because the hat I knit for his birthday (this yarn, held double and striped on a base of black cascade 220) didn’t turn out as well as I’d thought.  That is, the reason it’s done already is partly guilt; since this yarn perfectly matches a wool jacket of his, it was going to be something for him anyway.


The teensy skein in the back was a tuft of sample fiber from Morro Fleece Works, a composite of grey Targhee and brown alpaca; I really like the Targhee, and I like the alternation between brown and grey, but it’s not incredibly exciting.  On the left is the rest of the Hidden merino, about 130 yards from just under half of the 4oz bundle.  The beautiful, cheery pile on the right is Amy Boogie’s tussah silk in Walking On the Sun, spun more finely than last time and left as singles.  I think I’ll be making an orangey, lacey scarf at some point.

I expect to update you about the freeform blanket later this week, but I don’t have any new pictures of it yet.