So, I’m knitting this freeform blanket out of various shades of green and the occasional bits of grey.  It started with a pile of six or seven skeins of four different colors of manos and malabrigo and my desire to do something other than hats with them.  I’ve since added bits of a few different batches of my handspun, I’m spinning more small batches for it, and I’ve reassigned a couple of other stashed yarns. 

The blanket so far contains yarn from three different secret pal swaps, which I really like–this whole object, whenever it’s done, will see a lot of use and should, as a whole, last a really long time.  (I can see needing to reknit sections, but the blanket as a blanket should hold up pretty well.  And, hey, it’s freeform, so it’s not like I’m worried about matching dyelots or fading.)  I’ve been thinking, therefore, that it’d be awesome if I could include [additional] yarn, handspun or not, from my friends.  I’m looking for small amounts of pretty much any green except the bright yellowy, pistachio-ish greens, in probably anything except acrylic or cotton.  I would be happy to swap something of similar value, whether yarn or baked goods or mix cds or something else.

Pictures of the growing blanket and (hopefully) a finished stealth project on Monday.