One of the best things about MDSW, as I have said, is/was the opportunity to spend a lot of time with knitting/spinning friends.  The confluence of new fiber and spindle-spinning and hanging out with other spinners led to my actually figuring out (being retaught) how to chain-ply, a skill which had eluded me. 


I seem to have misplaced the yarn that I chain-plied in front of our campfire (all…five yards of it?), but I spun and chain-plied a bit of the osage orange/indigo dyed wool soon after I got home.  This is about twelve yards–not much, but a confirmation that I can chain-ply without Sarah sitting next to me.

(I wasn’t planning on posting this by itself, but I don’t really have anything else fibery to talk about right now.  I’ve been either working late or doing other things (like hanging out with my parents, who’ve been in town) that preclude much knitting or spinning.)