Part 1: Run-a-gogo!

I’m not sure I mentioned it here, but I’m participating in the second round of Runagogo! (April 1st-July 1st).  My goal is to have walked/run somewhere between 200 and 250 miles; I’m at 56.9 right now.

Part 2: PELC

I’m on day 5 of the challenge, since I started on Sunday.  So far, I’ve made quiche, broccoli/mushroom/potato stew (not photographed ’cause it’s just not pretty, but it’s tasty), and a supposed-to-be-salad-but-turned-into-stirfry of bok choy, kale, tofu, and alfalfa sprouts.  (Lunch yesterday was a giant Cameo apple, and I’ve been eating breakfasts of cheese or asian pear butter on toast of bread that’s locally made and sold at the farmers’ market, although probably not from local ingredients.  Dessert has been strawberry yogurt from Pequea Farms.)  What I am missing the most is rice noodles and whole grains (quinoa and millet, mostly), plus things like beans and lentils and peanut butter.  I’d be doing better on the grain front, at least, if I’d managed to bake anything; I knew on Tuesday that I should cook or bake something, but I spent the evening knitting.  Maybe tonight; I want to make something cornbread-like with that cornmeal I bought last Saturday.

Part 3: Festival fiber usage

I set out quite a list of stuff I wanted to have done by Maryland.  I have abandoned all hope of knitting that orange mohair-blend shawl, especially because I haven’t finished spinning the yarn for it.  I doubt very much that I’ll finish the pair of Tess’s Yarn socks, but I should get at least a decent start on the second sock (after I finish the first one).  I also have no chance of finishing the spinning of either the silk cap or the wool/mohair locks, and I’m not going to knit those wristwarmers in the next week, either.  Still, I am happy with my fiber productivity of the last several months.  The one thing I want to make sure I do before I leave for Maryland is sample that ramboullet, so I can add another variety of wool to my repertoire.  (Sort of, at least.)

And here’s a picture, just because: