I understand, now, how people who commute by public transit knit socks so quickly.  Most of the foot was knit while sitting around with relatives in Virginia (several days of sitting and talking), but nearly all of the ribbed cuff so far was knit at a symposium I attended last week–several hours of sitting and listening.  (Oh, and the fine, white hairs in the sock?  Mohair from the Prairie Silk of my Highland Triangle Shawl, which I wore to that symposium and which was in my lap while I was knitting.)

I don’t often take public transit, and, when I do, it’s usually for no more than fifteen minutes, and I’m often standing by the back stairwell of the trolley.  That means I can’t knit more than a couple of rounds per trip.  On the other hand, if I had a twenty- or thirty-minute (or longer) train ride twice a day, well, it adds up kinda quickly. 

Don’t get me wrong, though.  I like my 25-minute walk.