In answering Mim‘s questions last week (yes, still working on outgoing questions, sorry), I realized that I haven’t shown any pictures of the green freeform blanket that I’ve been working on since late September/early October. 


(My apologies for the blurry picture.)  I’m going to approximate its current size as about 15"x18".  As you can probably tell, I started out with really small blocks of each color and then realized both how long that would take and how many ends it would generate, so I started knitting larger chunks.  I have been weaving in some of the ends as I go, but I’m waiting until a block is entirely surrounded to weave in its ends.  I’m trying to make it reversible and not add too much textural complexity on top of the color variation, so I’ve been knitting a lot of garter stitch and simple ribbing…  It’s not an extremely portable project, as I’m still trying to change yarns fairly frequently, but it’s really fun to work on (says she who hasn’t added to it in weeks).  Still, since so much of the yarn I started with was/is either Manos or Malabrigo, I’ve been coopting pretty much all of the green handspun/proto-handspun (aka fiber) that isn’t firmly associated with another project, aiming for thicker-than-fingering-and-thinner-than-heavy-worsted for the grist.

Here are the most recent additions to the green-yarn pile:



The larger skein is ~180yds (maybe 2.5oz?  a little more than half a 4oz unit) of Amy Boogie‘s superwash merino in "Hidden"; the small skein is a bit more of the merino/silk blend I bought at NEFA soon after I started spinning.  I’m really happy with the superwash merino–it’s really soft, and most of it is exactly the grist I wanted.  I feel a little silly using it for this blanket rather than something I might actually want to machine wash, but not silly enough to change my plans.  Mmm, green.