They’re finished!  Unfortunately, it’s been warm enough that I haven’t been wearing socks.  (Well, okay, I don’t mind the weather (yet–ask me again when I go south in a week and it’s 80ºF), but I haven’t had a chance to wear my new socks yet.)



Sock #1 (on the right/bottom) knit from Spirit Trail sock yarn purchased at MDSW06, begun in August and finished over Thanksgiving.  Sock #2 knit from Lorna’s Laces sock yarn, begun just before seeing Enter the Haggis and finished yesterday.  Both socks knit with a 2.5mm needle for the bottom of the foot and a 2.75mm needle for the top of the foot.  Sock #1 has a figure-8 toe; sock #2 has a magic toe. 

I’m happy with my fraternal-twin socks.  There are some things I like better about each sock…  With any luck, I can improve on both of them when I start my next pair.