I’ve been on a bit of a kick of using up leftover singles and spinning up the small batches of fiber sitting around.  I think it’s related to excitement over Maryland coming up soon, along with the fact that I know I don’t have enough spinning time to finish a big project (3-ply for a sweater, for example) in anything resembling a reasonable timeframe. 


This is what was left of my Boogie wool in Poppy plied with some natural brown alpaca/wool I bought from Delly’s Delights at Maryland last year.  It’s a little rough from being overspun/plied, but it’s pretty.  So now I have 20 yards of chocolate-cherry-ish fingering-weight yarn.


This is the rest of that merino/llama from Indigo Moon Farms.  I was making a concerted effort to spin fluffier yarn, so it’s much less even than I’d like…but it’s still soft, at least.  (This roving was relatively difficult to spin, because H. had had it sitting around for quite a while–it was felted together in bits, which made drafting tricky in places.)


And this is a further attempt to spin fluffy yarn, from the pink rolags from Sunday.  I really felt like I was starting to get the hang of spinning woolen-style, and I could see how long-draw could work.  I’m definitely not there yet, but progress is reassuring.  (Especially since work is progressing so slowly these days.)  This mini-skein is only about 15 yards, but it’s a nice dk-worsted.  (Amazing!)  Still more uneven than I’d like, but evenness wasn’t the focus of this experiment.  I gave it to my Crafty Labmate, thinking it was a color that suited her, and she said immediately that she had a project in mind for it.  (Which is good, ’cause I wouldn’t’ve come up with anything other than yet another stripy Dulaan something.)