Mel, staring intently at the catnip mouse that Sarah gave him.  I love his expression in this picture.


March is turning into a month of concerts for me, beginning last night with Anonymous 4.  I was thrilled to hear (on Monday, I think) that not only were they performing in Philly, but they were singing on campus (convenient!).  So I went, and they were excellent (as expected).  They sang some songs from American Angels, and some that I think are from their newest album, Gloryland–a mix of shape-note tunes and other American folk music.  I am now eagerly anticipating the shape-note sing on Sunday.  (Even more eagerly than I had been, that is.) 

The other fun thing about last night was that, after the concert, I headed off to a new and different craft night, hosted by one of my labmates.  Although there were about three of us knitting, there were also people drawing, painting, and doing other non-yarn things.  It was odd, being in that kind of minority at a craft night.  Fun, though, and I’m really close to having super-exciting knitting news.  With any luck, it (perhaps along with the swatch I mentioned last week) will be photo-ready for Monday.