I have been spinning more.  (Surprise anyone?)  I have also been knitting, but none of my knitting is far enough along to merit pictures.

Here is some new yarn:


That’s all of the ounce of Poppies from my almost-solid sampler, plus one ply of Marigold in the 3-ply.  Both colors are the wool blend.  It’s nowhere near as soft as merino or BFL, but I can understand why it’s Amy’s favorite–it’s really springy. 

For non-continuing stuff, I think (ohpleaseohplease) I won’t have any more crazy late nights at work for at least a little while.  (A couple of us got take-out at 10pm on Monday, ate in lab, and then finally left a little after midnight.  That’s an extreme example, but still.  This is why my fibercrafting has been comfort spinning, what fibercrafting there’s been.)

I want to see if I can get home before 8pm tonight, so my second Shoot a Dozen Days picture will go up tomorrow.  (How is it almost March already?)