I am somewhat less crazy-busy at work (so it’s back to semi-normal grad-student-ing).  I haven’t been doing much knitting–just a bit of adding to the blanket and some swatching that I’ll probably discuss next week–but I’m still spinning pretty much every day. 

Here’s what I’ve finished in the last week or so:


100 yds of kool-aid-dyed wool blend, 60 yds of Boogie merino and BFL 3-ply, and about 20 yards of yarn out of a scrap of roving that my colleague A. had been given as a gift tie thingy. 


I started this 3-ply mostly to clear off a couple of bobbins; the light pink and the blue are the merino I’d used for a couple of other yarns recently, and the dark pink is leftover redwood BFL that I subbed in for the blue and one strand of light pink when I ran out of them.


I think this stuff’s going to be something for Dulaan, but I’m not sure what.


This is my ounce of BFL in Hosta from the almost-solid sampler.  I was thinking about putting it in the green blanket, but I think it might be too bright.  Maybe it’ll be a lacy scarf…there’s about 90 yards of it, which should be enough.  But it’s a little brighter and yellowy-er than I want to wear next to my face.  I love it, though.  And it was soooo nice to spin green after so much blue and pink and purple.  (I can tolerate blue, pink, and purple, even if I don’t like them much, but that was kind of a lot of non-favorite colors.)