Despite, or possibly because of, the insanity that is labwork right now, I’ve been doing a good bit of spinning this week as a way to relax when I get home.  (Especially when I get home at 10 and then need to scrounge some sort of dinner.)   

Here’s some of what I’ve finished:



That’s ten yards of laceweight from my kool-aid-dyed wool blend and forty yards of three-ply, one ply each of merino in Over the Moon, merino in Peony, and BFL in Red Maple, all from Amy Boogie.  I have lots of plans for playing with three-ply and color combinations….plans are good.  I like having plans whether or not they actually come to fruition.

Speaking of plans that go somewhere, though:



This is a closeup (no, really?) of my Peacock Feathers Shawl.  I’m about halfway through the first chart, and I love it.  (I’m also wondering whether the fact that I’m knitting a big shawl on 3s is a sign that my sanity has well and truly fled the scene, but that doesn’t seem so pressing in the face of beautiful green knitting.)