I am not doing well with electronics right now.  My computer is at the shop, hopefully to return soon with its ability to recharge restored.  (My phone is having intermittent problems that resemble the logic board issues that my old computer had, my kitchen light isn’t working (not electronic, maybe, but electrical), my iPod is mostly okay but slowly wearing out of battery, such that it quits fairly quickly in the cold….) 

At least my knitting needles and spinning wheel are still being nice to me.  I’ve been doing a bit more spinning, I’ve added a bit to my freeform blanket, and I’m halfway through the first chart in the Peacock Feathers Shawl.  (The Diamond Fantasy Shawl is stalled as I try to decide how much bigger I want to make it and what to use as a supplement for the original four ounces of bfl if I need such a supplement.)

And I did get to wake up to snow and no public-radio fundraising this morning, even if the snow is already slushy and icky.