This was the view out my front window this morning.  Snow!  Enough to stick!  The best part was that there was just barely enough to crunch under my sneakers, but not enough to make it tricky to walk to work.


I played around with kool-aid dyeing again last week.  This is about 3oz of Amy Boogie’s wool blend, with several packets of various flavors of kool-aid.  Lesson for next time: grape is really powerful. 


I’ve also been knitting away on the second fire sock.  Most of the ribbing was knit during the Värttinä (Finnish folk-rock) concert I saw last Thursday–they were excellent, and I’d highly recommend seeing them if you get the chance. 

And that’s it for me for today.  Work is really busy, and I haven’t had the energy for a lot of fiber stuff, but there’ll be fiber night this week, at least.