I’ve been doing a lot of spinning lately.  Almost no knitting (just…half a row of my diamond fantasy shawl, plus the sock-knitting from Friday), but a good deal of spinning.  Some of it I’ll show you today; some of it will wait for later.


This is the purpley-grey stuff I carded on New Year’s Eve, plus some of the purple bfl–I made a striped single and plied it back on itself.  It’s about sport-weight, about 40 yards.

The other skein of which I have a picture is for my handspinning-swap pal, so don’t look at the extended entry if you’re in the Spin to Knit swap thingy.


This is Boogie merino in Over the Moon, spun as a fingering-weight 2-ply.  It’s about 100yds, and very soft and fluffy.  (I have been learning that merino, especially, becomes fluffier and less twisty when the twist is set.)  (If that’s just something weird about my spinning of late, and not likely to be useful information, I hope someone will tell me.)

Look for more of this stuff to appear soon, in at least one different form.