I actually didn’t knit as much as I’d expected to this weekend, but I did get a bit accomplished.


This is the sock I’ve been knitting since mid-August.   I finished it on the train home from NYC on Saturday, leaving just enough time to start the other sock before  going off to see Enter the Haggis on Saturday night.   


On Jody‘s recommendation, I tried out the magic toe-up cast-on.  It’s amazingly wonderful, and I can’t see ever using the figure-8 toe again.

You may have noticed that these socks are going to be definitely fraternal twins, if not more like cousins than siblings.  Aside from my usual laissez-faire attitude toward exactly matching stitch counts, or different toe techniques, the yarns are totally different.  The first sock was Spirit Trail yarn, but this one’s Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport.  They’re both fiery colorways, but the patterning is not at all the same.  Ah, well.  I will wear them and love them anyway.  (It is often a very good thing that I’m not a knitting perfectionist, although I suspect I’ll be pickier about sweaters if I ever start knitting them (again).)